Called in order and the service was excellent. But, the food was even better! Great job. I will make this my first choice in the future. Jaime
Jaime Sanchez
San Antonio, TX

I had the pleasure of dinning with you all on Sunday Jan 12, 2014.. I and a lady friend had great service from our waiter Roger and the food was excellent. Your restrooms were clean and the overall appearance of the restaurant was awesome. Keep up the good work. Thank you for your hard work and dedication . Patrick Watters San antonio, Tx 78240
Patrick Watters
San Antonio, TX

awesome service! good food!
San Antonio, TX

This place was awesome. they close at 9 pm the day we went, and we came in about 8:30. some places when customers do that, you expect rudeness or rushyness to close. not here. we were seated and given all the full oppurtunities that any other customer was recieving who was there prior to us. the best thing to me is when my water glass is always full, and even if it gets ALMOST empty they walk by asking if i needed more. i like that. i had the spicy chicken with mini corn and my husband had the hunan beef. so good! it wasnt rushed cooking and was prepared amazingly. loved it. i def recc. this place, despite what reviews say otherwise- you cannot always believe the bad ones, just try it for yourself. it was great to us. and we are def. coming back.
Hugo E.
San Antonio, TX

Mencius has one of the best lunch specials in town. The entree includes tea, steamed or fried rice, and egg roll or fried wonton. Their portion sizes are American-ised. My favorite entree is the sesame chicken. The chicken is crispy and the sauce tastes great – the right amount of tanginess and sweetness. I also like the triple delight and the pad thai. For an additional $2 or so, you can get a cup of their wonton or hot and sour soup. Both or great.
Silla G.
San Antonio, TX

The sesame chicken is fantastic! It’s the best I’ve ever eaten. Their sweet and sour chicken is also great. The dining room is pleasant, but I’m happiest with their carryout service. They’re located on the edge of the Medical Center area, so they can be pretty busy during the weekday lunch hours. You might want to call ahead with your order and then take it back to your home or office.

Place is great, food is great and the service is excellent. Jimmy the sushi guy has remarkable creativity and his rolls are delicious.
David G.
San Antonio, TX